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Here come the robots November 27, 2006

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This week we’ll be focusing on robotics, starting with the material in the book and then moving on to Brooks’ theory of behavior-based robotics. Please be sure to read chapter 12 for Wednesday, and for Friday, please read this Brooks article.


Today’s class . . . (cough, cough). . .is cancelled November 22, 2006

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Hi everyone,

The cold I had on Monday has gotten worse, and although I was hopeful that I would be up to giving the lecture today, it’s just not going to happen. Since I expected attendance to be light today anyway, I’ve decided to go ahead and cancel class rather than arrange for a sub.

The lecture on fuzzy logic turned out to be very interesting (to me at least), and so I’ll go ahead and give it this Monday. Two quick teasers:

1) Burnt turkey turns out to be a fuzzy category (why?)
2) Fuzzy logic is a great way to balance a Segway.

More on Monday.

My apologies to those of you who would have left earlier if you knew that class woud be cancelled 😉

Have a great holiday,


Some clarifications on homework 6 November 16, 2006

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On part 1, when you pick a sentence that represents the metaphor, be sure to state a generalized version of the metaphor. For example, “[u]phold the Patriot Act,” we might genalize as “LAW is a BUILDING.”

In part 2, there’s a typo — it’s “systematic” not “systematize.”

Homework 6 is up November 13, 2006

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Homework 6 has just been posted. As we discussed in lecture, the purpose of this homework is to explore conceptual metaphors by developing your own conceptual metaphor based on an example from the popular press.

This and last week’s lectures are up November 8, 2006

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Extra points for Homework 4 November 6, 2006

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Hey all,

I have given everyone 2 extra points on Homework 4. This is becaue I graded people down for not including an answer for question 2.

Notes on the second midterm November 6, 2006

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The second midterm is coming up this Friday (yes, the time’s gone quickly for me too).  The format of the exam will be close to that of the first midterm. Specifically, it will have a multiple-choice section for about 60 points, and then a short answer/essay section covering about 40 points.

As before, there are study sheets that you can use to prep for the exam, and you should also go through the lectures. The textbook web site has a quiz section that may also help you jog your memory.

This exam will cover chapters 5-8 of the text.