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Homework scores December 4, 2006

Posted by Ron in 3790 Administrivia.

Some of you may be concerned that your homework scores are low. In general, the homework have been graded to maximize the spread of scores (e.g., if there are 15 points in the assignment and everyone gets 13-15, there isn’t must space to discriminate between thefair,  good and very good). As a result, however, the median value for the homework are pretty low (Median = 73, Mean= 66).

Here’s a WebCT graph that makes this clearer:

Homework Histogram

Rest assured, we’ll be curving the homework grade to make up for the spread. Right now, I estimate that we would probably use the scale of 85+=A, 70+=B, 55+=C, and 40+=D. This may vary a little once we go over all the grades at the end of the term.

You can check your current homework score by looking on WebCT, where I’ve justed added “Total Homework” and “Total Quiz” columns. All the columns should have the statistics enabled, which will let you check the spread.



1. Joanna - December 4, 2006

The columns you mentioned aren’t visible when I just checked. I also can’t see homework 6 or any quiz past quiz 5 (can’t remember how many we’ve had).

2. Ron - December 4, 2006

Please check again — they should be okay now.

3. Joanna - December 5, 2006

Thanks. I can see them now. Is the quiz total supposed to be out of 36 though?

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