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Final grades posted December 18, 2006

Posted by Ron in 3790 Administrivia.

I’ve just posted the final grades for the course. For the two midterms and quiz totals I used a straight scale (90+=A, 80+=B, 60+=C, 50+=D). Because the homework total and the final both had lower than expected median values, I lowered the scale for both by 5 points (85+=A, 75+=B, 55+=C, 45+=D). This is a slightly higher scale than that posted for the homework earlier, but produced a better balance of grades than my earlier estimate. This produces a scale for the final grades of (87.5+=A, 77.5+=B, 62.5+=C, 47.5+=D). There were 20 A’s, 15 B’s, 14 C’s, 5 D’s, and 1 F. This gives a median grade of B, which is right around the GT average.

The scores on the final were interesting.  Almost everyone had trouble on the short answer section and did well on the long answer section, which is the reverse of what usually happens. In general, the questions about the last few lectures (Brooks and Wilson) were most frequently answered incorrectly.  We’ve broken out the scores for the two parts on the test on WebCT, if you’d like to see for yourself.



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