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Dennett on Wednesday January 29, 2007

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Just a reminder — we’ll be going over the Cartesian Theatre on Wednesday, so please read Dennett rather than Searle. Neil will be covering Searle on Friday.


Homework 2 is up (and WebCT news) January 24, 2007

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Homework 2 is now up on the homework page. Because of the complexity of the assignment, the due date is now February 7. Again, please try out the PERMAP software early to make sure it works on your system — if you have trouble installing it you don’t want to find out at the last minute.

Also, your current grades should be available on WebCT.

Spring Photos are Up! January 18, 2007

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I’ve added them to the blogroll (at right), or you can simply click here.

Accessing web-based readings for class January 10, 2007

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I’ve already addressed this in a comment, but I wanted to include it here just in case — all readings from outside the textbook (e.g., Boden) are directly linked from the Reading Schedule page.

Homework 1 (and a note on Monday’s in-class assignment) January 10, 2007

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I’ve posted homework 1 to the homework page. The assignment is due Wednesday, but to me, this is a perfect weekend task.

If you either didn’t turn in Monday’s in-class assignment or weren’t around for it, please do this assignment on your own:


Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary pursuit — this class has mostly Computer Science majors, but there are many other majors as well. Please send an email to Neil (amator AT cc) with the header ‘In-class assignment 1’ and answer the following questions:

  1. What is your major?
  2. What experiences made you interested in this class (other classes, books that you’ve read, or interests or hobbies)?
  3. What sorts of things are you hoping to learn about in this class?

You don’t need to make up this in-class assignment if your group turned in their summary on Monday.

The first reading January 8, 2007

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The first reading is an introductory chapter from Margaret Boden’s staggering 1500-page overview of Cognitive Science, The Mind as Machine, which was just published.

This chapter is a sometime-maddeningly broad and discursive overview of all sorts of questions that are raised in Cognitive Science, and you’ll be a bit dizzy by the time you get through it, but do it anyway. While your textbook does a good job of concisely defining the key metaphors and issues in Cognitive Science, Boden’s introduction conveys what it feels like to engage the Cognitive Science community. This chapter made me feel the same way that I feel after I’ve staggered through a huge poster session at the Cognitive Science Conference — disoriented, bursting with ideas, and slightly elated. Many of the questions she raises will be addressed in this course.

We’ll be following up on Boden in homework 1 (more details later). . .

A New Term January 7, 2007

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If this is the first time you’ve seen this web site, welcome! This is the CogSci 3790 blog, and the central location for the Introduction to Cognitive Science class at Georgia Tech.

This website was used for the last two sessions of 3790 (Fall and Summer of 2006), and so you’ll find a rich set of previous lectures, homework, and study sheets already available.

There will be some changes to the course this term, mostly to give the material a bit more depth. We’ll be reading a few more original papers from researchers in Cognitive Science, and so will rely a little less on the textbook than in previous terms. I’m also dropping the final in favor of a term paper, which I hope will give you an opportunity to deeply explore an area of Cognitive Science on your own.

So please take a look around. You can leave comments at the bottom of any of the posts or pages, and I and the TAs will do our best to provide timely answers. You can also subscribe to the blog as an RSS feed or arrange to have entries emailed to you.