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A few more notes about the final paper April 29, 2007

Posted by Ron in 3790 Administrivia.

I’ve had a few queries since Friday about the format of the final paper, so just in case you missed it or I was unclear, here are the general requirements:

  • 8-12 pages
  • 1.5 spaced (not double-spaced)
  • 11 or 12-point font
  • No title page is needed (but do include a title, your name, and your email).
  • Proper citations for references (using APA format or another widely-used citation format)
  • Papers are due by 2:50 pm on Tuesday. If you email me your paper, please send a PDF or Word document with the name “lastname-firstname-final-paper”.

Other things that I encourage:

  • Try to keep your paper argument-centered: have a clear claim (not a general statement of fact or an open question) to kick off your paper, and construct your argument point by point.
  • Give time to opposing views (especially if you find yourself parroting the line of one or more of your sources).
  • Avoid using encyclopedias (including wikipedia) as sources, although a little of this is okay.
  • Be wary of websites as sources — many are great, but some are awful. Use your best judgment.

Good luck on your papers!



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